Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Dateline, Dallas TX - Having been raised in Chicago, I know from my personal experience of witnessing politics Chicago Style when the FIX IS IN. My heart is broken to tell you that I believe that the coming election has been already determined, and America is in for years of decline with rampant socialism. Unless John McCain pulls some unknown rabbit out of his hat within the next 27 days, he is headed for a resounding defeat come the November election.

The election is being bought with illegal donations from both foreign and domestic sources that Obama refuses to identify until after the election. Early voting in Ohio has been proved to be ridden with illegal registration violations (some attributed to the community organizing entity, ACORN, that Obama was connected with) and nothing is being done about this deplorable action. Our major media outlets in television and at big city newspapers have sold out to the Obama campaign with deplorable bias coverage and reporting. Investigative reporting has disappeared, and the American public is not being properly served. Political commercials air constantly by both parties that are certainly misleading, inaccurate, and felonious distortion of the truth.

Our political leadership has been compromised by big money special interests and they are complicit in the sell-out of their constituents. With only a 15% approval rating our politicians are running for cover, and doing everything to guarantee their re-election. Greed rules Washington. Video file tape has proven repeatedly that Congressional leaders failed to provide accountability to existing legislation impacting Wall Street, but our media is not holding them responsible. Why?

If our next President is Obama, meets with Iran’s President, withdraws our troops from Iraq in defeat, there will be a Middle East blood bath. America will be blamed by the world; fanatic Islamists will gain significant strength.

The amount of money being raised and spent to garner the Presidency is a world-wide embarrassment. The huge sums of money are polluting and destroying the political process. Campaign contributions buy access, complacency, and influence. Greed ultimately equals criminal conduct.

The United States and our democracy are on the brink of deterioration. The next 27 days are pivotal, but our country is paralyzed in false and inadequate information and empathy. We have our future within our hands, but I no longer see even a slight light at the end of the tunnel. God save our children.


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