Wednesday, November 19, 2008


The leaves have fallen, and the harsh winter winds are blowing off Lake Michigan here in Northern Indiana. It is time to bundle up, light a nice fire in the fireplace, and snuggle up with a good book.

Recently I told you about my enjoyment in reading Ted Bell’s new offering TSAR. I was so impressed with his work that I purchased one of his early works entitled ASSASSIN, and it is another wonder. I’m so impressed with this author’s creative endeavors that I have ordered some of his other books from Amazon.

Upon return from vacation my copy of Vince Flynn’s new book EXTREME MEASURES was waiting for me. Once we got through the accumulated mail, I started reading and was unable to put the book down. Flynn has hit another home run, and it is a must read for anyone who enjoys the action/adventure genre. Flynn clearly understands the dangers confronting our nation from the committed world-wide terrorist organizations. Unfortunately, far too many of our political leaders seem to wear blinders when it comes to this vital issue. I believe we will be hit again, and then the politicians will cry for immediate action…after the cat is out of the bag.

While roaming the aisles of Barnes & Noble I came upon a paperback written by the late Margaret Truman. Her book MURDER ON K STREET caught my eye for two reasons. Way back in 1950 I met Margaret and her mother Bess at their home in Independence, Mo. I was visiting my former room mate from the Culver Academy Summer Naval School who happened to live across the street from the Truman’s. Mrs. Truman invited us in for iced tea. Neither Bess nor her daughter Margaret liked living in Washington, so they spent as much time as possible in Independence while President Truman toiled away in Washington serving our republic. We sat in awe sipping tea with the First Lady and “First Daughter.”

Additionally, Margaret’s book was of interest because I worked for several years in Washington as the Chairman of the NBC Affiliates’ Government Relations Committee representing the interests of some 208 local NBC television stations. That was an eye-opening period for me, and the impact of the revelations experienced has never left me to this day.

I strongly recommend you pickup a copy of MURDER ON K STREET; because it clearly exposes the appalling impact lobbyists have on the political process. Margaret’s book was so good that I intend to pickup copies of her other Washington based mystery tomes.

It is purely coincidental, but all three of the books I am suggesting happen to contain storylines that address the negative influence lobbyists have on Washington politicians. It is becoming clearer and clearer everyday that many of the most important issues of the day will not be addressed, or resolved, until there is definitive legislation reining in the inappropriate activities of the overly influential, all powerful lobbyist organizations.

Enjoy your relaxing hours with these books or whatever else you choose to read.


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Texas Lieutenant said...

Wow! Ice tea with Margaret Truman. That's a nifty story. And good book ideas, too. Thanks Commander.