Thursday, June 12, 2008


Over the past two days I have been preparing a blog addressing our current gasoline price crisis. After the essay grew to over three pages I decided to step away and give the project some further reflection.

I have done some detailed research on this subject and determined some interesting facts about certain background factors. One name kept coming up going back to 1914 when Winston Churchill was the British First Lord of the Admiralty. Preparing for potential war with Germany, Churchill convinced his government to convert the British Royal Naval Fleet from coal power to oil fuels to support heavier ships and larger guns. He was further influential in the establishment of the British 51% ownership of the Anglo-Persian Oil Company with the direct support of the House of Rothschild banking family and the Standard Oil Rockefellers.

During World War I, Churchill was in charge of the British Dardanelle campaign that led to the taking of Constantinople, the capital of the then Ottoman Empire. Churchill later called for the dismantling of the Ottoman Empire and the vast oil fields of Mesopotamia came under British rule. In order to establish control and safe conditions and transit for their oil holdings it was determined that a balance of power be fashioned, thus under Churchill’s substantial influence they established Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Kuwait while the British oversaw Palestine. Here is where T.E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia) came in as one of the individuals who manipulated the British supported Puppet-Kings.

All this information was garnered from a fascinating article written by Clifford Shack (The Rothschilds, Churchill and “The Final Solution”). The frightening revelation in this article is the complicity of previously under-reported influences in the Holocaust. To read the article yourself here is the link:

All of this appears to be a huge digression, but it is really background to the influences that got us to our current gasoline price problem.

While I was reflecting yesterday, I received an email from a good friend in Philadelphia referring me to a You tube video. While the video is 9 minutes long it is well worth your time, because it clearly places the blame and answers the solutions better than I have ever heard before. Here is that link:

Happy viewing, reading, and please call, write, or email both your Congressional Representative and Senators to solve our economically disastrous gasoline price problem. Nothing will happen, unless you apply direct pressure.


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