Thursday, May 29, 2008


I don’t know about you, but I am still personally fed up with our current political season. My latest concern is centered on the new book by Scott McClellan and his revelations about actions within the White House and the Bush administration.

Since full disclosure is appropriate…I have never cast a Democratic candidate vote in my life, but due to developments of the past seven plus years I now consider myself an INDEPENDENT (sorry Dad, I suspect you’re turning in your grave). While I am truly disappointed, I am not as disturbed with President George Bush as I am about the lack of responsible legislation coming from the Democratic controlled House and Senate. While the President is our designated leader, it is naive to think that one person alone is responsible for all actions and developments in Washington. Congress holds all the real cards and I feel the American public is not appropriately holding those elected officials responsible.

I wish I could be around fifty years or more from now so I could learn just how historians rate the Presidency of George Bush. It is my suspicion that he will ultimately receive far better reviews than his presidency currently gets. The divide within our political parties is so poisonous that vital issues are not being debated, addressed or, most importantly, resolved. My readings of historical tomes by Doris Kearns Goodwin, David McCullough and Michael Beschloss establish that the political discourse has always been stringent, personal and cutting, but our past effective leaders did work to determine common ground and move forward. Currently our Congress is in a state of political paralysis.

Although I have only read excerpts from the new Scott McClellan book, I do not think it passes the smell test. The fact that his mother’s most recent political adventure ended in defeat with little or no Republican Party financial support may be a significant factor, as well as the fact that Scott McClellan was fired from his job as Presidential Press Secretary. The timing of the book’s release to me just adds to that aroma.

You may be interested in Vanderbilt University Professor John G. Geer’s insightful book IN DEFENSE OF NEGATIVITY - Attack Ads in Presidential Campaigns. Geer’s conclusions are both interesting and logical.

We are confronted by the recent Clinton introduction of race into its frantic endeavor to ignore the statistical facts of her nomination. Obama has substantial unresolved baggage with Rev. Wright, his William Ayres relationship, talking directly to Iran and other terrorist, dangerous nations, and his wife’s “I’ve never been proud of my country before” comments all cast a shadow over his electability. The idea that John McCain would continue a third Bush term is absurd. McCain has many stands very different from Bush. For Obama or Clinton to campaign on a withdrawal of troops in 16 months or less is absolutely ignorant. We are there, we seem to be making progress, however, where we need to turn over responsibility is for the country, legislation, legal process, utilities, construction, etc. This is NOT all about oil. It IS about the protection of our country, our allies, and the viability of democracy. To try this in this region of the world is bold, but can succeed. It will take time, it will take American lives, but we already see losses decreasing. As we all have heard many times… ”Freedom is not free.”

Thus far, I have not heard any candidate really address his/her ability to standout and above as the leader we need to tackle the myriad of problems facing the USA today. I cannot endorse hope and platitudes. We certainly do not see any leadership coming from the currently dominated Democratic Congress. The Republicans seem to have lost the compass which was so effective under President Ronald Reagan.

While your vote in November for President will be critical, I firmly believe your vote in the November election Congressional and Senate seats may be even more important. The President leads, but the Congress legislates. It is time for us, the voters, to STEP BACK AND TAKE A DEEP BREATH before we make our next voting decisions.

In the meantime, is it too much to expect that any legislative action of significance can be accomplished between now and the November election? You can join me in writing your Congressman and Senator and demand that they get off their lethargic backsides and do something now to address the economically staggering gasoline prices. Congress can authorize responsible legal oil drilling on US soil (i.e. ANWR in Alaska) now and stop feeding the pocketbooks of our foreign suppliers (mostly Arabs and possibly terrorist strongholds). Gasoline prices would fall the day after Congress finds the spine to face up to the hysterical environmental special interests. And we must delve into the feasibility of the many alternate fuel sources available. This is not the ultimate answer to our energy independence, but it is at least a start in the right direction.



Texas Lieutenant said...

Independent? The plants and stars are in an odd alignment and the earth's axis may be askew? Otherwise Commander, you give is plenty to chew on here. I have not read McClellan's book. But from excerpts and and media coverage of it, it seems to be directed at Bush aides more than Bush himself. And McClellan is basically admitting to being a liar. So should we believe what he says now? Perhaps the candidates will give us more entertainment between now and November, but you're certainly on target with Congress.. Expect nothing there.

Texas Lieutenant said...